Pede 54's kit thread IV.....The Final Conflict


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Hello pede some kits of the selections can do that estan playing the playing world cup .... as being Argentine, brasil, italia, alemania, inglaterra etc...
thanks =)


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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news guys, but I've now retired from kit making. I'll still be around in case I can be of use to anyone here, but I can't make the kits any longer.

It's been a fantastic few years, which I've enjoyed so much, and my threads have enabled me to get to know all you guys, and you have all been so great over the years. So I thank you for all your support and for your friendship too, which means a lot to me.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the kits over the years, as much as I've enjoyed making them, but I guess it all had to end someday for me.

Like I say, I'll still be around the forums, so hopefully we can still keep in touch.

Cheers guys and girls.......Pete (Y)


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You are a great guy man
thank you about your wondeful work
thank you for be a great person with all guys
you always answered the requests
we lost a big kitmaker but we win a big friend
you always will be the best kitmaker in fifa games
i only can say thank you very much
and good luck in your personal life
bye pede :33vff3o:


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Cheers Lupi and thanks MARTETE. Getting to know all of you guys has been a very big part, of the reason I lasted so long around here. I'm gonna miss all your requests and the challenges they gave me sometimes, but I've loved every minute of it, and I hope you mostly got kits that were good enough to enhance your game. (Y)


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Can you re-upload your latest Holland Home/Away Kits?
It appears they have been taken down from imageshack because the links are broken.



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Hey mate, you should be gettin' a medal or something:innocent_smile_1: I don't think anyone got even close to your thread, and I mean both in quality and in length. Such effort! So a big thanks from me, you're the reason I've been playing FIFA 2005 longer than any other game so far. Your work really is amazing! I think I'll still check this thread from time to time, for old times sake:) Godspeed:innocent_smile_1:


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Hi Pede, man I don´t have words to say how amazing, outstanding, is the job that you are doing, and its good to see how people like you no matter what or how are the changes , you keep making better what you like to do and what you prefer, making others to see how you give value to your job. Congratulations old friend =)


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Hi I am new here
All I want is a India Home, Away and GK kit
plz do it for me
here are the pics:

(the blue one is home and orange away)

(The purple one's home)


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Master Pede, thank you for your amazing work, your time and your friendliness to us. I hope you are ok mate.



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From one old-timer to another, I appreciate the unwavering support and assistance you've offered to so many over the years, and I wish you and yours all the best in future endeavours. (H)