Pede 54's kit thread IV.....The Final Conflict


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Sorry for the long break fellas but making the kits are taking me a bit of a time these days, but I'll do what I can of course. I'm not going to get all the kits done before the season ends, but I'll squeeze in what I can.

FC Twente Home....Collar 3 all kits.




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Master Pede!

So good to have you back and thank you for all these awesome kits,
they're f*cking BRILLIANT! I hope you're doing well m8! (Y)



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pede me puede pasar el template de los kits le agradeceria gracias
(Pede it can happen to me control yourself of the kits him agradeceria thank you)


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dimonfclm2. I'll do what I can when I can mate.

Robbie cheers mate. I'm doing OK, but I've been having some minor ops recently. Don't know if I'll ever be 100% again TBH. Still there's people who are a lot worse off than I am.

JULIANG30, It's a pleasure my friend. Good to see you here by the way.


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Hello here I make an update them done for my of the equipments(teams) to 2010....
( The updated equipments(teams) are barcelona, rl(real) madrid, valency, bayern munich, man united, chelsea, liverpool, man city, inter of milan, milan, arsenal fc, Argentine selection)


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welcome back my friend, long time without news from you, i thought you was so tired to make kits...... we appreciate your effort and time than you take for make them, but this only a hobbie and not a job. so then, take two days off to make all kits, and all will be fine ......hahaha

cheers mate