Pede 54's kit thread IV.....The Final Conflict


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Cristian, good to see you mate. Hows life? :)[/QUOTE]

well...we are still worried after saturday´s earthquake...but we are fine.
still are found people dead, and buildings with people inside.
But.....we must go on.



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Master Pede, Are you ok? The health is the most important thing.

Nice work.

Cristian, un abrazo, me alegra verte por aquí.


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That's good Robbie. Cheers mate.

Cristian, so good to hear that you and your family are OK mate. It's a terrible thing. My thoughts are with you dude. Take care. (Y)

Aio. I'm doing well my friend. Thank's a lot man :)


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pede54;2830093 said:
That's good Robbie. Cheers mate.

Hehe, well I'm just glad we are both perfectionists (Y)
Btw, I hope your health is getting better m8! I don't hope that all our
requests are messing with your eyes :(

So if they don't, would you be so kind to make FC Twente? LOL :browsmiley:



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pede54;2747879 said:

Master Pede!

How are you doing? Long time, no posts :( I hope you're doing ook m8...

I have 3 questions for you:

1 - I finally found the ultimate Ajax GK Kit color/desgin a couple of posts back!
Seems you already had made it for Ukraine and Russia (I think) ;) So 1 final last update, pretty please? :blush:

2 - Did you ever make, or can you please make Man Utd GK Kit in yellow or green? :)

3 - I've asked this before, but just a little reminder, would you please be so kind to make an FC Twente Kit Pack? (Y)



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Regards to all ... especially to you main Pede ... already I go awhile without passing for here and with his permission to do to him a request of the kit of 1860 Munich q already he had asked for it previously and that of AS Rome if inconvenience is not great.

Also to ask someone mas of the forum to have all the previous kits (principally of European equipments(teams) if it can facilitate them to me since in the previous pages of the forum already they do not appear and so I the perdi ... if someone makes to me me this please warns to give him my mail and this way it can spend) them to me.

Thank you very much and regards to everything.


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Angele, I have Rome Kits, but I don't remenber if they are from this season. What kits do you want?


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Spidercyb;2855523 said:
cause we still enjoy fifa05....simple answer ins´t ??

OK!!! i still enjoy FIFA 07!!! a little bit newer than 2005!!! i was played fifa 2005 about 1 and a half years in old times!! my computer is too s*** to support games like 09 and 10 !!!
i have tryied 08,but it's lagging a lot!!
i think that FIFA 07 is the best!! but everyone have his own answer for that!!
Cheers! :33vff3o: