Pede 54's Kit Thread III......The Saga Continues...


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well i've seen the Sweden away shirt, but not all the kit. As for Serbia and Ukraine GK's, I haven't seen those at all mate.

Cheers Kev......Yup, more Roma kits

I think this thread has got long enough so, I'm going to start a new thread for the new season.......See you there fellas......... :)


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Screen shots

Hi guys

As usual pede the kits are minted, i am this time looking to get some info no what util the guys that do the screen shots are using.

any help will be wonderfull.

all the best


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Kits for Lithuania and Latvia 2006

Hi Pede, can you posted the WC kits for lithuania and Latvia please, I can´t find them . :ewan: :ewan:


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Also need Bulgaria, Macedonia, Ireland and Northern Ireland, please!!!!!!

I know is too much , but can you help me?


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Alguien puede hacer los kits del futbol argentino nuevo de estos equipos para el FIFA 2005?
Rosario Central (kappa)
Newell`s (Topper)
Estudiantes LP (Topper)
Velez tercer kit-tricolor- (topper)
Colón Sta Fé (Puma)


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Hi Pede. Thanks for the Chelsea home kit with blue socks. For now, can you please update the Real Madrid kit especially the away kit, the design is wrong. Thanks!


Team Captain you want a texture for 2005 coloured the same as Portugals home kit?

bruce.....I will update the away Madrid kit when I get to see a clear pic of the front design.

By the way lads.......this thread is the old thread.


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Yes, I'm going to try and make a kit for Portugal and I can't seem to find a template with that Portuguese color!

By the way how did England look against Greece, and who started on the right instead of Beck's?