Pc Files packed as Rx3 [fbx to rx3]


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From where did u get those shoes ?
Because the positioning of the shoes should be the same for all fifas later then fifa 12 :
Fifa 22 to 14 shouldnt require any movement

Make sure u selected the correct games at the convert tool !
I did it like this, what was my mistake?

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i think the coeff texture needs be recolored ?
check this post (point 4.1 ) :

or it can be the used texture formats are not compatible with FIFA 14

best u do :
1. export textures as png
2. make edits to coeff texture
-> (see 4.1) http://soccergaming.com/index.php?threads/fifa-converter-models-textures.6468102/post-6698735
3. import into a FIFA 14 rx3-texture file
@tokke001 I wonder if the new version of the Converter is able of doing this automatically?
I.e. exporting textures from rx3, editing coeff and importing back into rx3?


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The shoes u convert are from this thread?
All files from this thread are from fifa 22 pc (not fifa 22 switch)

It is bit confusing maybe,
But all models from this thread u need convert from "FIFA Online 4 (New)"
thank you very much my friend, who great help.
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@tokke001 Could you add the option for converting models, and textures from FIFA older Series to FIFA Laster Series. Examples: convert face from FIFA 20-FIFA 22, convert face from FIFA 16-FIFA 21.

I would like convert faces from FIFA older Series in FIFA 21


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I don't know if it's just me or this 1fichier site blocks all Russian IPs, but I need to use a VPN so the already capped "free download" speed goes down to abysmal VPN speed (128 kb/s vs the usual 20 mb/s I get).

Can we organize a collective effort to get the legend Tokke a mediafire/google drive storage?


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FIFA 22 - Generic Hair [Upd 14] [v1.1]

an update for the generic hair pack :
* Added 9 new types (from update 12-14)
* Fix: Hair/hairlod-models with extra bone-sets
* Fix: Hair/hairlod-models with extra Uvs

View attachment 100147


* Rx3 Files: Link
* Png/Fbx Files: Link
* Colored textures: Link

More info:
Here I send more preview files - @tokke001
387 out of all 611 hair in this pack. Now there are 616 hair in FIFA 22. They include also guy with Golden Ball instead of head for example.


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Greetings @tokke001 , I'm new to this thread and I don't have much experience converting boots only from 16 to 14 using your software, which is very good...what I wanted to ask you is how to convert an FBX model to RX3, I need that model for the special messi boots…if anyone else also knows if its possible please help


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@tokke001 could you please convert this model



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Here I send more preview files - @tokke001
387 out of all 611 hair in this pack. Now there are 616 hair in FIFA 22. They include also guy with Golden Ball instead of head for example.
i missed some i see
i ll start doing the FIFA 23 ones
if there are still some wanted from FIFA 22 i can do them later

Holy hell! We need these faces!
FO4 faces can be found here (see list at first post) :

@tokke001 could you please convert this model

here :


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FIFA 23 - Balls

Files from FIFA 23 pc, packed as rx3 files
the files can be used by modders, for their favourite game

All balls






1. Models (rx3) :
* No conversion needed
* 2 versions: "original ball-size" or "resized ball-size" (see Info_models.txt)

2. Textures (rx3 / png) :
* edits may be needed !

3. Minis (png)

Download :​

* Pack 1 (All till Update 2): Link | Minis 512x256
* Pack 2 (update 4 + 5): Link
* Pack 3 (update 6): Link
* Pack 4 (update 8): Link
* Pack 5 (update 9): Link
* Pack 6 (update 10): Link
* Pack 7 (update 13): Link
* Pack 8 (update 14): Link


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