Patches for Fifa? No need!


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I don't know if you know about this but apparently holding R2 down whilst playing dramatically improves the gameplay.
Any feedback on this?


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It works best if you use the player charge button properly. Eg only when the cpu is about to pass or whilst he is making a run.
Yeah... i think this works on the ps2 because of its particular programming. Unlike computer for instance it reads everything from the dvd continously. So holding R2 whilst playing would work. I noticed that its harder to work through the defence, since through balls are much harder. As well everything is more random, almost no ai cheating, and more mistakes all round. That means more random goals :)

I played it like this on play now mode and yeah its much harder.
I lost 3-1, lost 4-3 in extra time, drew lots at full time, etc. The ai does in particular lots more tricks on the wings. Now this was on fast mode, 8min halves, and world class.
Someone tried this already on the ps2???

ps. i am not a fool