Patch to increase frame rating on Online Mode


Youth Team
Patch to increase frame rating on Online Mode

After looking up in EA Foruns and others i have come up with a patch that rises up the frame rating when playing the Online Mode.
In Portugal we are all using it and we can now play FIFA 06 as we played the other versions, with a normal frame level.

Frist patch normally does the trick but if you have a slow PC you better download the Patch Online BetterFrames.

@Created by - xLo^Trigun from
Download of the Patch Online;4281838;;/fileinfo.html

Just extract this content to EA SPORTS\FIFA 06\data\cmn.
You must say "yes" to the overwrite option.


If you have installed the other patch and still have low frames just install this one, and you should be fine.
This one is more to players that have a slow machine.

Patch Online BetterFrames;4281833;;/fileinfo.html