Patch: Superliga Patch 2005


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Originally posted by joaoamaral
there are no news about the patch?

Don't worry, the patch will be made, we are also working on the new design of the site, donwloads and forum, now we are ;)


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Thank you gentlemen for your effort. You make playing this game a lot more fun for us Portuguese people. Any idea where I can find the Portuguese commentary file for the game? I have searched high and low on this forum, (including all other threads), but haven't been able to. I was able to download and install the Brasilian Portuguese files, but not the Camonian Portuguese one... (Camoniano).. Can anyone help by sharing theirs?

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a small question?

can i play with a gk kit from porto ? can i put a third kit or a training kit for porto? HOW?



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We should gave them images of Sporrtv and then someone could make, i don't think we can make a patch now, at least i don't have time and i apologize you all, when i have time maybe we can make something... and the material should not be wasted, like i said we are preparing the site also... i don't play FIFA 2005 nowadays... just sometimes...


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Re: Patch: Superliga Patch 2005

Originally posted by [mouta-FCP]
Hi guys, i had this project for FIFA 2004 but i didn't liked the game so it was aborted... if you remember this patch got 2 versions for FIFA 2003 and it was a sucess, i wanna make it for FIFA 2005 cause i love the game :) The patch will be an incredible update for the Portuguese Superleague, kits, faces, badges and a lot of other stuff, keep on touch, as soon as i get the game i'll start working on the patch, if someone want to join me on this project please contact me.

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