Patch Interest For CONCACAF and Australia/AFC?


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Not sure if this thread should go here (mods move it if you have to).

I am working on a patch, mainly geared towards the fellas at fifamexico initially but I've expanded it with my other interests and if people are interested here, I can put the link when complete.

The main features are:

Ascenso MX (Mexico's 2nd division), playable in Career Mode with promotion/releagation.

Copa MX (Mexico's domestic cup), playable in career mode.

16 team CONCACAF champions league in Career mode. I added some CONCACAF clubs based off of some UGC data. I adjusted alot of their kits and included the champions league badge as well.

32 Team US Open Cup for MLS in Career mode. Again, the USL/NASL clubs are based off UGC data with adjusted kits and badges.

Amway Canadian Championship in MLS Career Mode.

Added an 18 team Westfield FFA Cup to Australia's A-League that includes 8 NPL clubs in Career Mode. I have completely done that one from scratch, including the kits. I'm not a great kit maker but I think they're ok.

Also added an 8 team AFC Champions League in career mode, but added a qualifying round to determine the 8th team.​

It will also include other little goodies like new adboards I did for most of the competitions listed above. New kits for some of the Mexican clubs. Ref kits for the CONCACAF CL, FFA Cup, Liga and Ascenso MX, and Hyundai A-League. Wipes. And also added Rinaldo's Brazil CMP to use for career mode.

I've done extensive testing through multiple seasons and all seems fine. No crashes. (The first patch I did for FIFA 14 had a random crash that I never figured out, so I ended up redoing it and adjusting it and it was rock solid after that).

So anyways, if anybody is interested let me know. It's almost complete.


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@Robbie, yes. They are one of the 8 NPL teams I've included.

@ManU, I've already made all the real primary kits for the Australian NPL clubs and the secondary kits for most clubs are basically just made up. It's really hard finding good info/pictures on these little NPL clubs. Feel free to make the secondary and GK kits if you wish though. (I did make a GK kit for Bentleigh Greens and Adelaide City)


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I made kits of USL Pro and NASL for 14. That's pretty much all I can help you with since I haven't bought 15.


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For those keeping track of this, the patch is just about finished. I'm just finishing some graphics stuff and do some more final testing on it. Maybe in another day or two I'll upload it.


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Ghost4512;3778005 said:
You plan on uploading it soon?

Had some family and work issues come up, but yes. It's near completion. I'll try my best to have it up sometime this weekend. No promises though. I too wanna start my career already


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ManUtdFan20;3778035 said:
Dude, Those kits look sick in game!

Thanks man. Tried my best. They'll have to do.

Patch progress:

Gonna start packing this thing up shortly. Finishing up some adboards and minor graphics stuff. Will do final testing and an upload for Sunday (usa, PST) is looking good.


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Y como se instala el parche?,hay que regenerar o algo?,como se regenera con CREATION MASTER, o co que herramienta?.

And one installs the patch since?, is it necessary to regenerate or something?, since there is regenerated by CREATION MASTER, or co that tool?.


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A mi me encantaría encontrar ayuda y que alguien hiciese un parche de la 2º DIVISIÓN B DE ESPAÑA( la 3º categoría de fútbol en España y con muchos equipos que han estado incluso en la liga BBVA).Pero me gustaría creasen parches que agregen nuevas ligas y torneos,pero sin que sustituyesen ninguna de las que ya vienen por defecto en el juego.

My I would be charmed with finding help and that someone was doing a patch of 2 º DIVISION B OF SPAIN (3 º category of football in Spain and with many equipments that have been enclosed in the league BBVA) .Pero I would like it patches were creating that agregen new leagues and tilts, but without they were replacing none of that already they come for fault in the game.