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Patch 2 Release Date Announced

Eidos and BGS are pleased to announce that Championship Manager 5 ‘Patch 2’ will be available for download for all languages on Wednesday 25th May 2005.

Yes, that's also Champions League final day, the perfect accompaniment to exploring the latest improvements and fixes for CM5 (see below for details).

Note: There is no need to download or install Patch 1 before installing Patch 2. Whether or not you have Patch 1 installed, just download and install Patch 2, and kick-off a new game.

We are pleased to announce the following features have been added to ‘Patch 2’:

+ Basic Player Interaction. This includes player praise and criticism of performance in last match
o After a player has played in a match the user will be able to praise or criticise their performance. The options will appear on the player actions menu only once they have played.

+ Agents. Agents will now offer players to your club

+ Offer player to clubs:
o User and AI will offer players to others for transfer or loan.
o Users can offer players to ‘interested’ club from the player actions menu or by right clicking on the interested club in the player information screen.
o AI will also offer players not wanted at their clubs to interested teams. So short-listing player may get you a good price on a player.

+ Highlights mode improvements
o The highlights mode now shows the clock ticking from 1-90 minutes rather than jumping to next highlight.
o The highlight mode has a speed selection bar that allows the user to specify how fast the clock goes through the minutes in between highlights. This is only available when highlights mode is being used.
o The actions speed will determine how fast the match action is shown when match events (90 mins) are being played.

+ Keyboard shortcuts:
o Space = Continue Game
o Delete = Delete (news messages, save games)
o Up = Cursor Up
o Down = Cursor Down
o Browser Back/Left = Back in history
o Browser Forward/Right = Forward in history
o Browser Home/F1 = Home Page
o F2 = News screen (and then page through messages)

+ Competition fixture list appears before a match
o The user will now have a 'view fixtures' button which will appear on the day of a users match.
o When clicking on select team on a match day the users clubs top bar will change to show the fixture and competition.

+ 'Player is interested' to filters on player search and shortlist screens
o By selecting ‘Player is interested’ from the player search filter players which are not interested in signing for your club then will not appear on the list. However, you may find there are players who may join your club that are filtered.

+ Ability to change training schedules from player profile.
o Player training schedules can be changed from within their profile screen.

Key Improvements:

+ Updated data including many issues from the research forum

+ Match Engine
o Smaller player disc graphics
o Improved realism of results.
o Improved own goals scored.
o Add Man of the Match graphic at end of game.
o Improved passing.
o Improved goalkeeping, including:
- Goalkeeper position
- Goalkeeper kicking
- Goalkeeper punching
- Position on penalty kicks
- More diving for penalties
- Goalkeeper fumbling into own goal
- Goalkeeper clearances.
o Made hard tackling less severe. Will still get red cards though.
o Improved behaviour when giving red and yellow cards.
o Improved overall player/team defending.
o Improved defensive headers.
o Improved defending from corners.
o Improved match attendances.
o Improved offside decisions.
o Improved Shooting.

+ Transfers
o Improved realism of transfer targets for clubs.
o Improved Transfer selling price. Clubs will now accept more reasonable offers.
o Increased Transfer activity for lower league clubs.
o Improved Board Veto’s.
o Contracts now end at the end of seasons.
o Improved players going on loan.
o Improved Work Permit decisions.
o Fixed issue where transfers were not completing.

+ Major improvements to Player happiness:
o Players will now talk to you regarding concerns
o Concerns will be displayed on the player information screen.

+ Many More…

Bug Fixes
Bugs reported and fixed from patch 1.

+ Transfers
o Players not joining the user's club even though a transfer has been agreed
o User finding it very difficult to loan out players
o Transfer summary not including monthly instalments properly
o Being able to offer old players ‘Hot Prospect’ or ‘Decent Young Player’ squad status
o Top flight clubs being able to offer promotion bonus’
o Problems with negotiating with AI clubs
o Issues with AI rejecting reasonable transfer bids
o Errors when using a ‘Fee per league appearance’
o Withdraw offer not disappearing from staff actions list
o Shortlisting players whose contract is expiring results in their contracts getting renewed every month
o Clubs don't take account of their finances when they consider transfer offers
o Signing players whose contract is expiring - players move club before their contract actually expires
o The limit for player loans is too high
o Board blocks player swap referring to it as a 'free transfer'

+ Competitions
o Foreign refs in domestic competitions
o Italian League cup final being postponed due to internationals.
o Most players ineligible for the second round of the Champions Cup
o SPL Championship lozenge displays too early/after 33 matches

+ Match Engine
o Latest score tab is blank during European competitions
o Problems with subs not happening
o Problems with substitutions after a sending off and penalty
o Little variation in attendances
o Friendlies' attendances too high
o Referee booking sequence takes too long
o Spelling mistake on tactics screen in Defend Free Kick options
o Attack corner player instruction reverts to attack ball from edge of area
o Too many red cards
o Penalty count not updated in the set plays tab
o Player Match Ratings too low

+ News and Media
o Incorrect messages regarding match results (e.g. Board pleased with 3-1 draw with Luton)
o Blank messages being received after signing a youth player
o Team knocked out of competitions told they have qualified for next seasons competition
o Coach reports appearing twice
o Missing ‘S’ in scout report
o Problems with Player of Month awards
o Missing text from upcoming season message
o Receiving result messages before a game has been played
o Message saying that a team ‘Retained the Championship’ which is impossible
o ‘Invalid date’ shown in contract renewal message
o News headline uses future tense when player has already completed a transfer
o Media messages for 'clubs interested in player' show teams with an unrealistic chance of succeding in the purchase of the named player
o Many scout reports state players not good enough
o Scout report text sometimes incorrectly refers to match in which player does not actually make an appearance
o Press speculation mainly covers defenders and goalies
o Inconsistent board responses to match results
o No news message when agreeing a future transfer
o Scout reports sometimes wrong about team form
o Messages are sent saying that players have signed '0 year' contracts

+ Board
o Board vetoing bosman transfers
o Too many board takeovers at conference clubs
o Staff transfers being vetoed because of ‘enough staff’
o Board expects improvement in form after unbeaten run
o Unrealistic board/fan/media expectations
o Clubs' financial status sometimes inappropriately stated as insecure
o Leeds' debt overstated
o Many teams bankrupt at end of first season

+ Injuries
o Players not recovering from injuries
o Too many injuries picked up in training
o Incomplete injury text descriptions

+ Misc
o Coach reports always coming back as ‘Invaluable member of squad’
o Coach reports world-class players not to be good enough for your team
o Delete and Load confirmations needed on load game screen
o Empty entries into the screen history
o Craig Bellamy's loan contract incorrectly states he is ineligible for cup games
o Contracts do not end at end of season
o Clubs not improving in status
o Club's financial status not updated
o Many conference clubs' stadium shown as all seated stadium.
o View setting for squad screen is not remembered when saving and loading game
o Filters options being lost
o Squad numbers can be changed mid-season
o Actions button profile/info/form/history doesn't work if profile already onscreen
o Minimum release fee value is not shown
o Language filter staff search doesn’t work
o Very few unemployed players at start of English game
o U19 staff assignment resets to default

+ Many More…
Oh wow.