Paolo89's Sig Thread


Youth Team
Hello :ewan:
I know that they are not very good,but they are my first works.I have some problems in using brushes and text,so could someone help me ?
Francesco Totti

Philippe Mexes

Cristian Chivu

Vincenzo Montella

Francesco Totti Italia

Simone Perrotta,Francesco Totti,Daniele De Rossi

Simone Perrotta,Francesco Totti,Daniele De Rossi 2

Francesco Totti Italia 2

Francesco Totti Italia 3


Słowiańska Dusza
Surely those sigs are better than my first. Some of the ideas are really good but try to work more on backgrounds. If you need some resources or tutorials this site is perfect for you.

Forza Italia
Forza Roma


This one is your best in my opinion, you should work on the background and on the colouring a lot more, plus some effects on the main photo would do good. Keep on practicing ;).


Youth Team
Can someone tell me which is the font in my signature(De Rossi,Totti Perrotta),because I cut the letters from a picture that I have,but is too much long and boring :) :) :ewan: