OperationSports Fifa 08 Review


Youth Team

We have just posted our FIFA Soccer 08 review. Find out what Clay Shaver had to say about it.
"It’s not often that a developer that holds the upper hand in licensing plays the underdog role in a battle for console supremacy. It’s even rarer that EA Sports finds themselves on the short end of any competition. In the world of soccer (or football for the more sophisticated of you) gaming, however, while the FIFA series from EA moves more than their share of merchandise, it’s widely considered the inferior product on the market.

Last season, with the release of FIFA 07, I felt like the competition really started to get interesting. The gameplay in the FIFA series was starting to become a far greater strength than simply the rights the real players and correct kits. Now while the world waits till sometime next year for an effort from the competition, EA has fired another shot on net with the release of FIFA 08. With the significantly improved gameplay, FIFA 08 will now try to go for a deeper and fuller experience. But will it be a return to style over substance?"