Online Play - Connection Lost!!!!

Bear Hagi

Club Supporter

I was just wondering if anyone was having the same problem as myself when you play online.

I have played around 27 games online and legitimatly only lost 2, yet in my stats it say's I have lost 11.

I have spoken to EA about it they say it is me, now I beg to differ, as when I am handed a loss it is only when the "Connection Lost" appears on the screen. I know it isn't my end, so it must be the person I am playing.

I figure there are ppl cheating (i.e. pulling the plug on the connection) as last night I played 3 games, the connection was lost in the 80th, 88th and 89th minute, each time I was winning, yet I get the loss.

I pretty sure I can't be the only one out there with this problem.

Doeas anyone have any suggestions?