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hehe tenes razon SlowHand xD

Argentina used a different home kit, don't have the golden lines, or the watermark AFA


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Maybe since the olympics are national olympic committees instead of FAs, that's why the badge changes?


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^ That would make sense. Most team sport teams simply have a flag on their shirt, real Pro Evo style!!

Brazil has the five stars on their socks I noticed.


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my favorite for this tournament is brasil and argenitina and I think they will play in final and brasil will win, I hope so.....:)


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It's impossible for both to play in the final, because if both wins the quarter final round, they will play against each other in the semi final.


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SlowHand;2559814 said:
has anyone knows what's with adidas kits for the olympics? aren't they allow to have the traditional stripes? i notices neither argentina nor australia or belgium had them

and btw, australia and belgium have gone to adidas or is it just for the olympics?

and what about ivory coast's crest?

Just for the olympics, Adidas sponsor the entire Australian Olympic team
Nigeria 2-1 USA
Netherlands 1-0 Japan

Man, what a heartbreaking way to get knocked out. We played the entire game with 10 men, and we were still inches away from going through. The crossbar Davies hit in the 90th minute was the difference between us winning the group and going home. I didn't see Orozco's red card, but assuming that it was deserved, then what the hell was that Mexican thinking??? (NOTE: Orozco is American when he plays well, but Mexican when he f's up.)

The Dutch = lucky bastards.


ronladinho still suck, i see it in tv and OMG what a fat ass he has now :S:S, leave the drugs mate!

thiago neves have a ******* great shoot in his left leg, also leiva and ramires do great job.


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Kobe Bryant went to the Worker's Stadium (I believe that is how it's called) to watch Argentina, and (especially) Messi play; on Monday he had gone to Argentina's training and was able to personally meet Messi. Everyone was caught by surprise, and Ustari and Riquelme being Kobe fans, rushed along with the rest of the players to take pictures with him. The even joked about the size difference between Kobe and Messi. The players were also surprised by how humble Kobe was, and that he even spoke to them in Spanish. Kobe confessed to the press that he watches Barcelona play because of Messi, and that he admires him because "you never know what he is going to do next."

Below are some photos of Kobe with our national female hockey team. He even asked them "what do you guys play?" :p



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actually those pics are from when they went to see Argentina's Basketball NT

Here with Luciana "Lucha" Aymar, from Argentina's national field hockey team "las leonas" (the "lionesses") :drooll:



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i have a theory, that of course has some exceptions, but i really think that brazilian players have a five to seven years of good performance

after that, they became what we now call "Adriano" :P (just kiddin)

but really, except for a couple of cases (roberto carlos, rivaldo), most of them, do not last longer than 5 or 7 years at the top