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Brazilian Vanderlei de Lima had been leading the race with a comfortable margin before the protester appeared five miles from the finish.

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The Brazilian should win the gold aswell. IceBlu is laughing because he's pissed off at Brazil.:p (H) Btw, great job by the cops letting the guy invade the "track".:| Spoilt the Olympic games for me. If the brazilian isnt awarded a gold, then **** it all.

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That guy also strolled onto the track during the British GP at Silverstone last year. What an unbelievable shitbag.

A shame Schumi didn't run him over. (H)


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I mean, they dont even need to hand the Italian's gold medal to the Brazilian guy, just give us another gold one. But i seriously doubt it'll happen. Btw, Vanderlei, if i'm not mistaken is born in Campinas, the city i was born and still live.:)


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Protester ruins marathon

Italy's Stefano Baldini took gold in the men's marathon, but his victory was overshadowed after one of the runners was attacked by a protester.
Brazilian Vanderlei de Lima had been leading the race before the protester appeared four miles from the finish.

Soon afterwards, Baldini overtook de Lima to win with a new Olympic record in a time of two hours 10:54 secs.

Mebrahtom Keflezighi of the United States took silver, while de Lima finished with bronze.

Great Britain's Jon Brown suffered further Olympic misery when he repeated his fourth place in Sydney four years earlier after clocking a time of two hours 12:26 secs.

The protester, wearing a kilt and a green beret and a white placard with the words "The Grand Prix priest. Israel fulfillment of prophecy says the bible, the second coming is near," on it, was immediately arrested and taken to a police station.

Police later revealed it was Cornelius "Neil" Horan, a former priest who disrupted last year's British Grand Prix. He was previously jailed for two months following his race track protest at Silverstone.

A police source said: "The man says he is Irish, he is also drunk. He had been to a taverna earlier. Police are going through his stuff."

After the incident, de Lima said: "I trained a lot for this and I'm very happy to win this bronze medal.

"If the spectator didn't jump in front of me in the middle of the race, who knows what would have happened? Maybe I would have won. It disturbed me a lot."

A slow pace was set in the early stages in the hot temperatures before Hendrick Ramaala decided to break clear at the 10-mile mark.

But it proved too early for the South African who dropped well behind as the field caught him and then de Lima went alone after 13 miles.

He stayed comfortably in front until the 22-mile mark when he was bundled into the barriers by the protestor.

Even before then he looked likely to be caught by the fast-chasing Baldini but the incident massively helped the Italian's gold chase.

Once in front, Baldini looked in little danger of being caught despite the best efforts of Keflezighi, who had to make do with second.

Remarkably, de Lima managed to hold onto his bronze medal position much to the delight of the crowd, who had watched the earlier incident on the big screen and greeted his entry to the Panathinaiko Stadium with a massive cheer.

After the race, the International Olympic Committee said it was saddened by the incident and awarded de Lima the Pierre de Coubertin Medal at the closing ceremony.

An IOC spokesman said: "We decided to do this in recognition of de Lima's exceptional demonstration of fair play and Olympic values during this evening's marathon."

The IAAF also confirmed that the overall marathon result would not be changed despite the incident.


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