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I found the best way to score on corners:

Notice the kicker raises his hand way up high right? Once he puts it down, start sprinting accross the goal. If you're lucky, press "s" key while pointing to the goal to execute a "no-chest" header.


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Originally posted by butters05
does anybody have tips on spin on the ball...keeping it low volley's bicylce kicks any tips you may have please share with me :)

To keep shots low, I recommend either holding R2 (for PS2) while powering up, or just simply not hitting the ball to hard, but placing it from distance. The keeper will not take any steps after you make a shot, so exploit this by positioning your shot as close to the post as possible.

From close range, the ball will automatically spin but there is no manual way of doing it.

I find the best way to do volleys are by crossing it normally to a player using off the ball, then instead of heading towards goal, head back outside the box toward one of your player and then shoot first time.

Unfortunately you cant do bicycle kicks in FIFA 2004.


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Originally posted by dodgerfan2002
What is the through ball for?

The throughball button, which is triangle on the PS2, is good for sending balls into space, or past a wrong footed opponent for another player to take without breaking stride. Great for splitting open defences, it depicts who are the true artists in soccer.


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Guys, did you know that to change taticks in Fifa 2004 on PC during a match you should hold "C"+"Z" toghather and then a special menu will appear on the down left of the screen... toggel to set your takticks... (H)


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This game is really easy in WORLD CLASS but there are times I got too much confidence and I get scored on. But I always manage to tie the game or win it.