Official PS2 Magazine gives PES5 10 out of 10


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The Official Playstation 2 Magazine has this month reviewed Pro Evolution Soccer 5. The game, set for release October 28th, was awarded 10 out of 10. This should set at rest the minds of those of you wondering whether or not the game will be worthy of a purchase.

"This is a major leap over last years edition. And that is before you consider the online play and PSP link-up."

You can see full screenshots of the review by clicking the images below.

Also include in the edition is an interview with England and Chelsea star, John Terry.


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Excellent post mate. Although i might have to nip down WH Smith and read it again. Thats the kind of detailed preview i wanted to see.


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quote from john terry interview

The worst thing is if you're losing to someone like Joe Cole, who's the worst at it. He'll be 2-0 up and keeping the ball, and you'll be chasing him about till your fingers ache...

haha. that's LOL :D


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Looks fantastic and thankfully Konami has done some decent grass and pitches and got rid of teh AWFUL default "jagged" pitches from pes4 :jap:


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That South African pitch is still in, but the game generally looks smooth as silk.

No slowdown, too. So 60Mhz is finally a sensible option for me.


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Shindig said:
No slowdown, too. So 60Mhz is finally a sensible option for me.

I think you meant 60Hz... either that or you've got one swift screen!

On topic - Can't wait to play in snow... thanks for posting the full review!