OFFICIAL FIFA Infinity Patch 14 v4 (FIFA 14 HBZ Mod 21/22 Season)

zuero mesu

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what happened here? did i install something wrong?
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Is there anyone else who doesn't have all tools (FIP version manager, FIP Boot Manager, etc) in FIFA 14 game folder after the 4.04 update?


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Hello community.

I started a career with Tottenham, everything normal until the first UECL match. When you put "Start match" the game comes out automatically.
Does anyone else happen like this? Will there be a solution?

Thanks a lot! Excellent patch!


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it means it is NOT required to create a new career? I installed the mod and can still play my old career
u can still play it. But harry said in live it might end up in a crash
it would be better to create new one because the fixes will be applied in new one.


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Hello my friends, there are many messages. Is there any way for someone to tell me what the status of the brazil b league is?
in the next update v4.10 will be CONMEBOL Confederation pack which will include
Bolivia Liga de Fútbol Profesional [partial]
Brazil Serie B [NEW]
Chile Primera División [Complete]
Colombia Categoría Primera [Complete]
Ecuadorian Serie A [NEW]
Peruvian Primera División [partial]
Paraguayan Primera División [NEW]
Uruguayan Primera División [NEW]
Venezuelan Primera División [partial]