OFFICIAL FIFA Infinity Patch 14 v4 (FIFA 14 HBZ Mod 21/22 Season)


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this is fifa 14 with fifa 21 body model and new training arena looks like


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hi harry i'm playing v 3.04, i noticed a bug winning the libertadores in november 2021, the club world championship makes me play it in december 2022 practically the year after. i haven't tried the later versions because i'm fine with this, I wanted to know if you were aware of it. thanks and sorry for the inconvenience as you are now busy with the new patch

messi as

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Not likely

Yes in the CONMEBOL mod

Not celebrations but maybe body in the future

Maybe upload to Mediafire or something like that.
Please be aware that there is a chance that it won't get added.


I will leave it to others to announce when other versions of the mod will be released.

If you have the teams, kits etc available then it could happen, but otherwise, it is not in our plans.

Yes it can be added

I don't give release dates

I don't know how to edit those templates
I have a question for Harry, is he going to remove the away goals are worth double in competitions in the mod or is it going to be as it was?
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Harry please can I send you my db it's really detailed I just need you to help me fix the international team stuff that crashes my career mode even if it means you to delete the new countries made