OFC Champions League 2017


Youth Team
Hi guys, since february was working on other personal project and now i want to share it with the community. The kits work since FIFA 11 to FIFA 16.​

As you know well, my kits are for personal use, and they are prefects when i think they are perfect for me. I'm not a kitmaker, and my kits maybe are not perfect for you (like my english).
If you like, download it. If you don't like, leave it.​

The OFC Champions League 2017 expand the tournament from 15 teams in 2016, to 18 teams from 11 associations.

Qualifiying Stage:

1. Lupe o le Soaga (Samoa) [DOWNLOAD]

2. Utulei Youth (American Samoa) [DOWNLOAD]

3. Puaikura FC (Cook Islands) [DOWNLOAD]

4. Veitongo FC (Tonga) [DOWNLOAD]

Group Stage:

5. Auckland City (New Zealand) [DOWNLOAD]

6. Team Wellington (New Zealand) [DOWNLOAD]

7. AS Central Sport (Tahiti) [DOWNLOAD]

8. AS Tefana (Tahiti) [DOWNLOAD]

9. AS Magenta (New Caledonia) [DOWNLOAD]

10. Hienghène Sport (New Caledonia) [DOWNLOAD]

11. Ba FC (Fiji) [DOWNLOAD]

12. Rewa FC (Fiji) [DOWNLOAD]

13. Erakor Golden Star (Vanuatu) [DOWNLOAD]

14. Malampa Revivors FC (Vanuatu) [DOWNLOAD]

15. Lae City Dwellers FC (Papua New Guinea) [DOWNLOAD]

16. Madang FC (Papua New Guinea) [DOWNLOAD]

17. Marist FC (Solomon Islands) [DOWNLOAD]

18. Wester United FC (Solomon Islands) [DOWNLOAD]



Youth Team
OFC Champions League 2017 (Logos)