Oddments Graphic 11

RobbieD_PL;3013267 said:
KDK, can you share your locale.big file i need the japanese and korean databases and the locale.ini file?

Also, how did you convert the stadiums? Are you able to convert Millenium Stadium from FIFA09? it's RX2 filetype!

Guys, he has the same problem as me with the WC2010 stadiums. I've managed to convert Stade de Suisse, but i also have this contrast bug.
amigo, after seeing the screen shots of KDK's wc2010 stadiums, I find that the stadium's host city board in the middle of adboard was not shown cleanly and correctly. Is it something about the contrast bug?


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RSA Host stadiums, i haven't tried yet.

From Stade de Suisse, i have no problems; it has the WC2010 qualifiers adboard and it works.

BayArena has no problems, it's converted from FIFA10 XBOX360.

Millenium Stadium i have all files for all lighting types; there's no contrast, lighting amd rebounds files are available by default, and i have shadows and crowds files converted. The only three files i don't have yet are the stadium_container files, which are only available in .rx2! How to convert to .rx3?!?!?!?!? :(


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please friend if possible, release the stages for us because we're crazy to play them.

Work was beautiful exactly what I have been looking for ages!