No one can deny this:


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Fifa is not even close to a sim. If football were played by ugly looking. fat legged , slow moving, 70 year olds, then fifa could be a sim. As it is, this plays nothing like the real game.


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I'm not sure, it does seem Fifa has shifted towards a more realistic football experience while Evo seems to be moving away from it during the last couple of years.


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if only next-gen graphic is used for fifa08 pc version then for sure fifa is miles miles miles ahead from pes :amika:


agree with elhelmiey but next gen will happen only after 2-3 years.


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Delpiero is a Rtard. He makes no sense in any of his posts. I bet he hasn't played the full game either. Moron! Try telling me PES is more sim????? Are you crazy or do you not know about gravity, physical momentum, general physics.....?


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Nah mate, come on, you know that is not true. Players in PES move FASTER than in FIFA, yes.

I don't know about you, but instead of playing a slow-paced, lethargic game that would bore me out of my mind, I would much rather have a fast-paced game in which the CPU constanly fights me for the ball and contanly makes changes to counter my style of football and my attacks.

I guess people have their own opinions. I think the speed of PES is perfect. No more said. IMO, FIFA seems to have a very robotic aspect to it, but the difference is that in 08, the players have slowed down so now you're playing with snails.


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Ive played too many arcady football games already. You are one of the very few who think PES isn't way tooo fast. Ask around, even PES fanboys admit it. If you're happy witht this PES, I envy you. I was looking forward to this PES on the 360. This is not next gen, nowhere near. I'm talking features, game modes, graphics, audio, etc. I want to see ambition from Seabass and Co. and it is very obvious that it isn't there yet and if you say no you are in denial or you're easyyy to please. Either way, I could care less what game is better. I am pulling for the next PES, hopefully it will knock our socks off. Every PES fan thought that this 2nd attempt was gonna be the one to make them go wow! I'm not talking about good gameplay since that's old news but a well rounded next gen game that makes you drool. This is not it. Lets go Konami!


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As a longtime PES player and someone who plays football in a league outdoors in the summer and in an indoor league in the winter, I must admit that surprisingly Fifa 08 does a much better job of simulating the game of football than PES does this year.

Let's face it, full 11 vs 11 football on a grass pitch is a slower paced, more strategic and midfield oriented game. You have to fight for everyball and really look around. Fifa 08 does a really good job at simulating this. It's hard and it's frustrating.

PES is the usual fast paced, free flowing and fun game that has always been but it resembles more my indoor 6 vs 6 league. Fun and fast.

If players were to move as fast in a full sized pitch for 90 min like in a PES game, they would be dead before the game was over. Take it from me. No one in my outdorr team ever runs or moves that fast. That's something that takes places indoors.

For the past few years I've been playing PES. I think Fifa 05 was the last time I had touched that series. This year however Fifa took a huge leap and it resembles so much more the feeling of a full 11 vs 11 game that I got hooked on it.

I know it pains me to say it but it's true. PES has been beaten this year. At least that's my opinion. It's not as fun to play as PES but it's more realistic and because of that, it will be my game of choice this year.