No offsides in tournament mode?


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as you know EA always manages to fuck up something with each version of FIFA 12, this time i just found out you cant disable the offside rule on tournaments (even the created ones), at least not from the settings screen because that setting works only for friendly matches. Is there any mod or something to disable that stupid rule? i really hate it. Its retarded.

Thank you.


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Thanks for your practical solution, you just illuminated me...
Offside is a retarded rule, it makes soccer a clumsy sport as it slows down the pace of the game. Its no use to prevent myself from running offside because CPU does it much anyway, and that results in the game being interrupted too often.

Anyway, im not interested in arguing about the offside rule being a retarded rule or not, i just want to know if it can be disabled in tournaments and not only for friendlies.


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A retarded rule? That's the most retarded thing I've ever heard. A match without offsides would be horrible. If offsides didn't exist, a team could just put 10 men in the line of goal and block the goal completely and then 1 man in front so that they could kick the ball to him and score. Of course, if a team did that, the other team would want to have some players defending their own goal...oh god, my mind is blown away. Of course this is just an example, but the duel between defenders and strikers wouldn't be nice to watch. Strikers trying to move forward, defenders always behind them.


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then it's time to start playing golf, mate... don't bother playing that "clumsy" sport again, or even better, sleep and dream of a football without offsides, handballs and other restriction rules...


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Oh there was setting for disabling offsides in previous Fifa's? THAT WAS SICK AND SILLY THEN.


i know how destrones is & i can see where this thread is going to be heading.

so to answer your question destrones, you can turn off offsides in tournament modes.

thread closed.