Nice little trick


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Check out this trick ..It has been done on the PC version of Winning Eleven 7 ... u probably know this one already but i couldn't find this in the trick section.

Movie (780KB)

It is done by quickly pushing the R3 UP and Down (or Down and Up...i'm not sure :confused: )


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yep just tried.. didn't know of this trick before!

it's a quick down-up on teh R3 stick, whichever direction you're facing

pretty useful too :p


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I hate the way it always does it in my game when i'm trying to do a 360 degree spin... What advantages does it have?


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You can flick the ball up and volley it. Hard to master though. Think this move can be found in most tricks and moves page. (ie ISS Extreme)


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how do u do the 360 degree spin exactly cos i cant master it n wots meant to happen n can it be done wit a keyboard


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I always do this... in an actual match, you'll get it right 1 out of 10 times, but it's well worth it (H)


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360 degree spin is where your player treads on the ball and, obviously, does a 360 degree spin around it, taking the ball with him, a la Zinedine Zidane... You can't do it without a gamepad, cos you need a right analog stick...


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you can do this with keyboard as easy as with gamepad
just assign right stick directions in controls to 4 following keys (eg. z, x, ,c, v)
then ingame just press these keys one after another and you have Zidane spin


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nice move

I use this chip when i know the opp. will tackle me:in that case i do the down-up move softly.I Also use it to pass the goalie(the BEST and COOLESt thing to do,killer look!



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Here is a good use for the move, I think... ;)