Newcastle United [2006/2007]


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Zog: ":O ...!!!"


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I'm sure it will be Sam Allardyce. Shepherd has been talking that he never had contact with Sam, but i would be a little surprised if it was somebody else. I mean Sam wouldn't leave Bolton for City, would he? Now leaving Bolton for Newcastle is totally different. You guys are expanding stadium soon to 60k, right?


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ShearerM4;2321146 said:
Apparently they are saying it is a resignation now.

Edit: It is official, click me: :bouncy:

Shepherd will no doubt have bullied him into resigning and given him a mediocre compensation package

I hope Roeder stays in some capacity because he is a good coach.


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I keep hearing that allardyce is the highest likely candidate for the manager job.

Duff is out for six months

The situation with owen is worrying, I really hope that nothing comes of it and he commits to newcastle.


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Newcastle United fans throw their season tickets on the pitch after booing the team off

I guess this sums the season up for you nicely.


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Ahhh, yes our chairman doing us proud once again :funny:

(got to give him credit for his part in getting Allardyce in though)


We'll be seeing you guys in August at the Amsterdam Tournament at the ArenA where we play against your team. Other teams will be Atletico Madrid and a yet to be named Italian team.


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Funny sense of humour...northerners are jokers...anyways Amsterdam tournament. Hope the referee doesnt spoil it this time.


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i love the direction allardyce is taking newcastle already! got rid of waste of space defenders like bramble and moore and from what ive heard hes interested in rozehnal, baines, neill and ben haim. ive also heard he wants hyppia. from what he did at bolton though i dont think id mind hyppia as he seems to get the best out of already experienced but aging players. i mean look at how campo did and he wasnt exactly a youngun. ive not heard much on the striker front however. if we get barton i think allardyce is just the type of person who would control him, diouf had minimal troubles in his time with allardyce and i think he'll silence all the other egos at the club aswell.

england game: dyer was lively!!! definitely deserves to be playing estonia on that performance. he had pace to burn against some of brazils back four