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New Version of RSG Mod (RFEF League)


Youth Team
Adding kit textures, ... pending to update the DB teamkits file




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Youth Team
New version of Mod RSG - RFEF:


-New League: Primera RFEF custom with 16 teams:
Real Union of Irun
Burgos CF
Extremadura UD
RC Deportivo de La Coruña
CD. Numancia de Soria
Atletico Sanluqueño CF
Real Racing Club de Santander
Racing Club de Ferrol
Algeciras CF
Real Titanico deLaviana
Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa
CD Atletico Baleares
UD Ibiza
SD Amorebieta
CD Marino de Luanco
Unión Popular de Langreo

-All teams with kits (thanks to the great work of eyddew), banners, flags and real squad (20/21)
-Adboards and custom badges (Primera RFEF, Copa del Rey, SuperCopa and CWC)
-Players with real minifaces and several real faces (thanks to the great work of Alaska17Soap)
-Custom RFEF menu


-Mod RSG Faces

-Mod Other Faces

-Mod Banners

-Squad RFEF (essential to load the squad RFEF)

-Mod RFEF Menu

Compatible with the faces mods of Alaska17Soap

Cooming soon,... scoreboards RFEF, Copa del Rey, Supercopa and CWC....
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Club Supporter
Great mod! Any chance to do it compatible with FMT launcher? (Paul's Tool)
I can't play Fifa without his Gameplay mod.


Youth Team
Great mod! Any chance to do it compatible with FMT launcher? (Paul's Tool)
I can't play Fifa without his Gameplay mod.
Sorry, I have never used that editor,... I don't know if fifamod files are compatible,...
In the mod, the gameplay has also been modified,... slowing down the movement of the ball and combined with the gameplay of Fifer, it is much better than the original gameplay
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Youth Team
Mod RSG - RFEF: Update 1.0
-New Mod Scoreboard-TV (Primera RFEF)
-slight fixes in the Squad file and Mod RFEF General

-New updated Squad

-New updated Mod RFEF

-New Mod Scoreboard-TV


Youth Team
Mod RFEF v.2 is now available:

Mod General RFEF:

Mod Banners:

Mod Faces:

Mod Other Faces:

Squad RFEF (it is essential to load it):

MiniFaces (it is necessary to activate them with Live Editor):
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