New Models (shoes, ...) from Switch Games


Starting XI
I so understood that all these conversion models of boots to the ass, we will not be able to use normally, sorry for your time and effort guys :(


Senior Squad
I ll try an effort to fix the errors

I managed to fix it for fifa 11 :
* little schrink of socks
* shoes scaling/moving at different heights : because the fifa 11 sockmodels have more O-legs then fifa 21 i had to change the curve -> took me a weekend :D

My hope is:
The fifa 21 shoes are the same at both games (fifa 11 vs fifa 16)
If the sock models are also similar maybe...

I ll try my fifa 11 sockmodel fixes (scaling/movement changes) on the fifa 16 socks... and let s hope (i wont promise) ... :)