New Leagues


Youth Team
Hey guys,

Just to verify the features posted in one of the previous messages.

You will be able to create new leagues using the CC. But the leagues will be non-competitive. They will be like the Rest of the World or International leagues in the game at the moment.

But you will be able to create your own leagues/tournaments using teams in these leagues using the ingame tournament creator.

You will be able to create new teams from scratch or import them from the patch makers. There are already a number of excellent teams created by our hard working testers. Teams like Jamaica, Dinamo Kiev, etc.. These files will include teamkits, logos, flags etc...

I've been working long hours trying to get this out for you guys in time but there might be a bit of a delay so please bear with me as I am putting on the finishing touches.

This year's version of the CC is written in .NET so it will require microsoft .NET framework installed. You can download the framework here if you haven't got it installed.

Just a few lines to let you know what's going on.

I better get back to work!


Youth Team
Hey Chau, you don't know how much we appreciate the effort you put into CC, personally I bought fifa in anticipation of the CC, and I know its gonna be the best ever, I think EA Sports should have you as the major designer in next years version of fifa :rockman:


Starting XI
Cheers mate ! (Y) can't wait till it comes out. :)

Anyways that Net thing i've just downloaded it what does it do ? does it run in the background ?