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Kyrgyzstan league

All 9 teams of Kyrgyz Premier league, Kyrgyzstan cup and supercup, national team, U23 national team, adboards. Also added AFC Cup (for best teams from Kyrgyzstan, Australia and South Korea)

+Bonus North Korea U23. (added league International U23)

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Gibraltar league

All 12 teams of Gibraltar National League, Rock cup, national team.

Important! When importing, carefully study the list of players. If you see that the player is highlighted in red, while his ID is more than 400000, you need to select it, check the box next to it and select "Create" on the right. Otherwise, bugs in the career are provided. Gibraltar must be added to league International.

Download link:

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Liga Primera de Nicaragua

-All 12 clubs with realn kits and squads
-Minikits in EA style for all teams
-National team
-Copa de Nicaragua

Interesting facts about the Primera:
-There are two Real and Juventus playing in the Primera
-One of the very few championships that has not been stopped due to hysteria of the coronovirus
-In the club “Walter Ferreti” play Russian footballer Nikita Solodchenko.

For download contact me on e-mail: [email protected]


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