New Kits 2010 by DSC_Arminia


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Leonenko;3001287 said:
Great Man U goalkeeper kit and most of all the hibernian goalkeeper kit, high class. Did you create the hibs away kit or did you have trouble finding any decent photos?

the hibs away comes soon - just i've made some MLS kits 'cause Kahn-Titan (he is the rostermaker from fifa4fans) need it for an up.


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DSC;3001807 said:
the ManU Keeper kit is a fifa10 kit!!! the kit u have linked is a PES kit!!

I know dude....M jus trying to tell u to make this same colour for fifa 10.....For eg-the socks,logo is different...I want u to make this same kit for fifa 10......


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Any chance of you making new La Liga kits for smaller teams that are not included anywhere else? People have made Barca, RMA, Valencia and Sevilla 10-11 kits but how about the rest of the teams?

Thanks, and BTW, great kits! :)


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rescalon;3006821 said:
hello there!!! could it be possible if you can make the kits for the argentine league 2010-2011.

I'm in process to making some argentina kits - have a lock to FIFA-ARGENTINA


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Hi please make this kits.
Mexico 2010 Home - Away