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How we all know FIFA2004 will have a training mode:D
Here is my sugjestions for this part of the game.

#1. To make players better, we could choose how many labs will they run.
#2. To make them stronger, we could choose how many push ups, and pull ups will players do. I know it will have take some time watching them doing all this boring stuff, but come on will you ever see you favorite player doing it???
#3. We could choose, how often, how much, and what medication to give to the players.
#4. It will be cool, to be involved in their family relationship, and see how they like in their families.
#5. One of the most important thing for Soccer player is vacation!!! So why could not we choose, where players will go for wacation, and what will they do in there.

Here the most important stuff. If you will find some stuff that YOU would like to have in Training Mode you can write it here.


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I think everything that you just wrote sounds good, but I think that it should be like that only in the career mode :)


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Originally posted by footballhell77
recain your on drugs lol and those stuff sounds cool but that will never happen:crazyboy:
Well maybe not in fifa 2004 but let's hope in 2005


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to be stronger they lift weights.. about medicines? well.. in that case they should pass doping tests and get a 2 yr sentence if they are cought, about family relations.. what does have to do with soccer?


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lol this is so retarded, who cares about all that stuff eventho that would be cool but i hope the training mode has alot of options cuz that would be nice


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I think the training should do nothing about the attributes, but the FORM of the players.

Just imagine, after an intensive training, a poor player cannot be a star player, but he'll definitely be more consistent.

Hopefully, EA adds more attributes such as forms, consistency, and work rate.

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Why not make a crib mode and have then sport theyre bling-bling after the games?

Oh sorry thats already been made:crazyboy:
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