New Free and Friendly Cup?


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Before I start designing a new Hockey Cup I wanted to see if anyone else was planning one. This cup will be a standard Group Stage with Playoffs.

I am thinking of just focusing on Canadian and USA teams. Does anyone think thats too narrow of a field?

Also I was thinking of naming the Cup after something to do with Canada and the US. Maybe "Leafs and Eagles" or something. Or maybe the "NHL Memorial Cup" (in memorial of its demise )

Please give me some feedback.


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oh I thought Irvine was in California. My mistake.
Is there any English teams interested in playing? It doesn't have to be a North America only Cup.


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....or Scottish teams....or anyone for that matter.

I am under the impression that MZ Hockey isn't big on this forum. Is there any other MZ hockey forums outside of

Pontefract City

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It used to be big but the actual football forum has been struggling, and because of that the hockey forum has been a ghost town. I don't have a Scottish team, I'm in the English leagues. I joined before Scotland yet that may change though in the future...