New Faces Converted [tokke001]


Senior Squad
Bah, I believe we can live with some minor hair clipping looool. Damn, this thing gets even more complicated as you proceed further
and i realized there is a bigger problem :
every head-model has different lips/chin sizes ofcourse,
so u need edit the beard-model for each head-model to have a good fit !

fifa 22 has: 430 head-models , 14 beard models
--> so u can count for 6020 beard models then...

maybe with a script we can create correct beard-models,
but it is a bit blurry how the beard-models works correctly (ingame) at FIFA 22 pc :
* maybe the same "morph files" from the generic head-models are also used on the beard models

* or there are "facialhair_wrapdata" files, not sure what it is...