New be a pro league, sign up before march 10th and recieve gold...


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Hey guys, we have a new website, specifically for XBOX 360 FIFA 10, We are welcoming everybody. EVERYBODY WHO SIGNS UP BEFORE MARCH 10TH WILL RECIEVE A WEEK FREE TO THE GOLD SECTION OF THE WEBSITE, RECOMMEND 5 USERS AND YOU WILL RECIEVE ANOTHER WEEK IN THE GOLD SECTION. Teams are yet to be announced and are all done randomly so you could end up with a team like utd, liverpool, chelsea, any prem team! it is only premiership at the moment until we get more members, we have a chatbox to enjoy with other users among other things. *RULES* apply for a managers job and then if you're given a team then invite at least 4 of your friends or other users on the site to compete in be a pro league matches, there will be 2-3 league games per week all teams must have and play with a minimum of 4 users. we would love to see you all their, its a nice play to come and have fun LINK