Netherlands patches for WC2002


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Hi guys,

I'm trying to find the various patches that were released for 2002 FIFA World Cup the EA game which added the Netherlands national teams (which was unlicensed in FIFA 2002 & not included in the World Cup game that year). I'm trying to compare the ratings, kits and to see if they had added commentaries for individual players. I also want to see if anyone managed to add Holland/Netherlands as a separate team, rather than just overwriting another one.

Holland Dream Patch (HDP, Mohammed Zakariya Mohammed):

Netherlands Team Patch (fifa-mra, Ahmed El Hawary):

Holland Super Patch (FIFA-il): (had the filename:

2002 FIFA World Cup Holland Patch (FIFA Benelux, had the filename: fboranjepatch_en.exe)

EDIT: I found version 1 here:

but I am looking for version 2 if it exists.

Holland to the World Cup patch (Joris from, this is the only one I managed to download from FIFA Korea):