Need some help with kit hotspots


Club Supporter
Hey guys, newbie here. I've been messing around with the CG file explorer and frosty editor for a while and I am finally getting hang of them. Lately, I've been trying to replace an existing team with a team of my own, with custom kits, banners, etc. I am done with most of the process and the only ones left are creating mini kits and setting kit hotspots. Unfortunately, I am stuck with assigning hotspots to the modified kits. I tried replacing the hotspot file of my team with the file of some other team, but nothing happens. The hotspot file of the original team seems to be still in effect. When I tried editing the positions and the text manually using CG explorer, the changes seem to stick. But the game crashes as soon as the match begins. Is there a fix for this issue? I know it's a trivial issue but it really bugs me every time I look at my team before the match.