NBA 08-09 Season Thread


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other than Allelujah? Jay Triano, first Canadian head coach in NBA history. also sporting a 100% record as a head coach... that's right, he's 1-0 after beating the Nets by 19 points last year (H)


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Nets are 5th, somebody pinch me because I couldn't even see them winning 25 games before the season started. At this rate, we'll finish anywhere between fifth and seventh(don't harass me for this bold prediction, I'm just going with the Vegas odds) and prevent a team that otherwise would have made the playoffs from missing them(...Sixers? Toronto?). Harris for most improved player? Unfortunately, I think that award is going to Roger Mason since he plays for the Spurs and the NBA has no balls. I think we can officially add the Mavs to "Teams the Nets have fleeced in trades under Rod Thorn." I bet the Mavs want a do-over, and a lawyer for Mark Cuban, too. Seriously dude, insider-trading?

Hopefully Toronto gets their act together with their new coach. The Mitchell firing should have happened at the end of last season considering how poorly the Raps finished the final stretch of the previous season. They're a legit 45-50 win team in the east. Now, they'll be duking it out with the Knicks, Sixers, and Bulls for that precious, final playoff spot. The Sixers were all hype and Brand is not and will never be a no.1 option on any team.

It should also be mandatory that every member who posts in this thread order a poster of Matt Bonner and place it on the wall in their bedroom.


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This franchise was doomed the day it traded Bonner to the Spurs. I called it then.

NBA Championship Rings for Bonner: 1
NBA Championship Rings for the entire Raptors roster combined: 1 (Kapono with the Heat? buh)


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Just wondering what you guys think of Mayo and how good he will be in the future. (BTW Mo Cheeks got fired!)


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The Bucks host the Pistons on Saturday....

I saw Sheed, Jason Maxiel, and Rodney Stuckey at the bar/club I went to tonight. Sheed touched me, it was sweet.


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Maxiell was probably smacking drinks out of Raptors' fans' hands while Sheed was on the phone with Bosh making him cry. At least if Pistons-Raptors games are any indication, that's what they were doing.


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The Twolves would be fvcked big time if they were to agree on that, even though that is just assumptions.


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I said Nate should dunk over either Dwight, a Superman blow-up doll or something of the sort for his last dunk, and man did he come through... The green was a bonus, those shoes were ******* nice!