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before I upload the last 3 parts of the all-in-one. what do you think of the mod

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Pakistan football logo


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Why are you putting on these logos? Nobody will use them because they are not of the right size.
I only upload the ones that are not on the Internet in good quality. If someone needs them, even not necessarily at FIFA, they can use them. Besides, in case of a disaster, I don't have to do them again.


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The overall rating of players from FIFA 20, 19, 18 etc. corresponds to that of the game itself. Footballers who have never had an overall rating in the history of FIFA are due to my slightly improved stats converter from Football Manager 2020. I took the statistics from Footballers' overalls and their stats, which are also not in FM, I had to guesstimate.

This only applies to footballers from Europe, South America, 1st div. from Asia, Africa, North America and New Zealand. The rest will be based on reworking what is due to poor sources and laziness.
football manager 2020 stats converter send me link I really need please


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I have created new World XI team. Now this team is made up of the best players who have retired from national team. They also have new badge and my roughly made kits. Ft. Ibrahimović, Benzema, Handanović, Ozil, Iniesta, Pique etc.

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