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Being this a year where most of the reegional international cups were played I am making an update of current national teams, trying to make them all as close to reality possible, this means the latest rosters which were used in this cups or in the latest international competitions, as also the latest graphics available.
With this i do not try to take credit from the original authors of kits, faces, banners, balls, minis, etc, just present a compilation of all that is available here or in other sites to make the national teams the most accurate possible.
So i ask thanks to all those graphic artists that each day make the game better, if any of your works is included in this cmps you can take credit for it as i said i quit from all credit.
To keep an order i will post each team that i have updated in cmp in it's respective confederation, and if it has any update i will repost the link with the new update, anyone can feel free to improve whatever is done to make it more accurate if you have any knowledge about the specific team, or new graphic improvemnet, again this is a work for everyone and everyone can participate and is invited to do it to make the game better.













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Argentina is one of the most complete teams, only missing one face, the one of Nahuel Guzmán the goalkeeper

Bolivia has some important players with faces too

Brazil is missing face Elias from starting 11, also Diego tardelli, Everton Ribeiro and Geferson, without faces

Chile, missing face Francisco Silva from starting 11, also Valdivia, the best player of Chile in Copa America deserves a good face

Colombia missing Darwin Andrade and Edwin valencia

Ecuador, missing players that deserve faces, Achillier and Pedro Quiñonez

Paraguay, some faces, players that deserve faces without them... Justo Villar, Iván Piris, Víctor Cáceres, Edgar Benítez, Miguel Samudio

Perú, another Copa America star without face, Christian Cueva, also deserving Carlos Ascues from Wolfsburg, Luis Advíncula and Josepmir Ballón

Uruguay, most important without face, Nicolás Lodeiro, then Abel Hernández and De Arrascaeta

Venezuela, most important without face Luis Seijas, then Miku, Amorebieta and Cichero

All teams with current rosters of Copa América and starting 11s, newest kits, and info i could found, any suggestions, just tell...