National Teams Addons for FIFA 2008 (I Accept Requests)


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luka.jerak;2918276 said:
How come the links on file front for Czech Republic, Turkey and Blegium don't work?

I´m glad you're back Mario_S, please fix some links that doesn´t work like the Albania NT and other ones if you can.


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Thx ¡¡¡¡¡

Mario_S;2917915 said:
La de Venezuela esta hecha!:)

Las demas las tengo ke hacer!;)

thx bro, for all patch

gracias viejo, espero puedas hacer las otras q te pedi :blush:....gracias de antemano :33vff3o:


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Mario_S;2917909 said:

I'll do them but right now i can't!

Please be patient and you'll have those teams!;)
sure mate :) take ur time :). i am glad that u considered my request. Thanks a lot.


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Mario_S;2829601 said:
I have completed all the Baltic teams!Enjoy playing with them!;)

Latvia Team Patch!It has:

-latest roster.
-Minifaces(All players).
-The ingame and menu team logo.
-Stadium:Skonto Stadium.



The link doesn't work!
Maybe you can upload it smoewhere else?
And it would be great if you could update Ivory Coast team!]


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Cant find the patch files

Mario, I wanted to download the national teams but in the file front no files are found. hence i cannot download any of them. Can u plz help?:confused:


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Te hago una pregunta, tenes todavia las selecciones, para saber si podrias hacer un gran parche con todas las naciones! Gracias! :D