My stadium studio - Pier Luigi Penzo Stadium

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Hi... somebody can tell me if I can play FIFA 16 with this:
Intel Core i3-7100 3.9 Ghz,
4 gb ram,
Intel HD 630 Graphics...
I want to play the game at least with medium capacity


Another questions:
Can I translate the game to another PC if my actual PC dies?
If I buy the game, Can I install mods in the game?

Robson Mambrini

Club Supporter
Friend RavenFCB, the stadium of Catanzaro has a ball fixed in the center of the field ... is it possible to correct that?


Youth Team
sorry guys how can i restore moddingway added stadium (es. tottenham and west ham stadiums) because i made an error regenerating some files and i lost them

do i risk to lost my updates again if i regenerate again?


Club Supporter
Raven did you give correct Zenit stadium in your folder? Not 14 one.
Please Raven, we are still waiting. I matched with Zenit on my career mode today, I am waiting for your correct Zenit stadium to play bro :)


Club Supporter
Hi Raven, I came across a forum in another conversation on your fan chant files. The problem is that these are ADX files and windows media player will not play them for me. I want to use those sounds in Fifa 14. Can you help me?


Youth Team
Sorry mate, i was really busy in recent days .
@CYHN Try this,Zenit.7z/file

Guys,i have been very busy recently and when i finaly found some time, then i learned how to convert stadiums to pes2019/2020 because i wanted to have a look how my grounds looks inside a new engine :)

Also i have more than 11 private messages,i will try to reply them all tomorow.

Take care, stay healthy and enjoy time with your family/friends !