my opinions on fifa 04 compared to past versions

Discussion in 'FIFA 2004 Forum' started by Fid La, Oct 25, 2003.

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    after four years of playing fifa on a PC i decided to buy it for a console. (xbox)

    mainly because i thought it wouild be more realistic on my TV.

    in relation to the actual game i have been very impressed.

    the music in the game is quality and with the option to choose your own, its really a nice new feature.

    the lower league feature is what i've wished for over the years with football games, finally fifa supplies it.

    being able to be my home town is great. the kits were perfect! the lower teams lack commentary but that is a minor detail. (No names mentioned.)

    graphically is the best yet as you'd expect. best visuals on any format that i've seen. Noticed alot more faces updated and added. they all looked great, apart from becks looks like his ears are abit big?

    The commentary in the game is awesome. its finally free flowing. sounds like a real match. the interaction with both commentators is alot better than in the past. they both relate more to what each other say. when a goal is scored it could get more real.

    the crowd sounds very similar to fifa 2003 but with extra chants. the goal noise is a big improvement. you can hear the away fans more but the home fans are excellent when a goal is scored.

    Training is back and is really useful. helped me get used to the game and practice moves. nice traing ground wit sounds of road traffic as you train.

    gamepad works fine with the game. takes abit of getting used to tho.

    gutted the game cant be edited on xbox but if that dont bother you then it really dont matter what you by it on, just xbox looks best, unless you got a Powerful PC card. I choose Xbox also as i couldnt be assed wit the PC crashing. console is error free :)

    if you support a lower league team seriously buy this game as you'll love it.
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    Oct 24, 2003
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    cool, can u tell me the stats for the whole AS ROMA team just overall (ex: 91, 82, 78) if not just the stats of the first team (lineup) is ok.

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