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Americanizta;2895355 said:
lol..nope no patch...just the undershirt one xD and sure, ill make argentina
Real madrid home and away for now...not enough pics of the entire goalkeeper kits.
Home collar type: 0
Away collar type: 7 with creation master :)

could u do the gk for real madrid plz?


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Hey, Nizta! Sent you a PM also and here it is. Take you time, buddy!

Are you willing making a fantasy kit for me, man? I hope it's easy for you. Thank you very much in advance and hopefully I'm not being a moron for asking two different kit makers! :bouncy:

I asked Lavezzi because he used to make some fantasy kits. But, as I said in the request thread (also posted it there in case some kitmaker sees it), I think he's been busy lately or gave a break on making kits for a while.

Thing is, my man, I used Nike's newest templates for these mock-ups. I explained it better down below. Check it out first. And please, don't mind my drawings because I used paint at the time. Sorry for that, but I hope you can get it. Hehe. They're not perfect, I probably didn't get the meshes correctly, but you know what to do, mate.

Home kit - Based on Nike's newest templates. ie. Inter Milan (it says MENGO in the back of the shirt):

Away kit - Also based on Nike's new template. (it says MENGO in the back of the shirt) - I think I forgot to put a black trim in the end of the long sleeve. The shorts may look greyish but they're, in fact, black:

Third kit - Roughly based on Man. Utd/Celtic/Atletico de Madrid template (the collar). I tried to get a light golden colour:

Gk kits (I tried to draw something like this:






Flamengo's crest:


As I said, the two first kits are based on Nike's newest templates.
I used the newest Barcelona sleeve trim (
And also used Nike's new ordinary V collar, like the ones in Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Inter Milan, Porto etc...

The home and away shorts have that trim, like the ones in Brazil's home/away shorts ( )

For the third one, in blue and light gold, I used the new Manchester United collar ( ).


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Big fan of your work, if possible... Can you make two more retro Arsenal kits, the away Highbury kit which is the yellow and gold and the all royal blue kit. And I need FIFA 10 minikits for the one's you have created, I'll pay for all of these if you want me too.. Thanks, keep it up.


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Dear Americanizta! Are you in the kit making process now? I'd like to create this Milan kit for Fifa 14, and your kit is amazing! Is there any possible way to share me your kit pattern to use it in my kit, or could you create this kit in 14 format? Waiting for your reply. Thanks in advance.