My kits.


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Sorry It's been a while, I've had a lot of stuff to deal with.

Deportivo (Home, Away, Goalie)

Adidas Generic I made a while ago because I was bored


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Exelent work, man! Fantastic! keep it up!!! sorry but, you tried make kits & mini for albanian league? tnanks for answer!


Youth Team
OK, I have god news and bad news... I'll start with the good news. One new kit

Man U 98/99

Now, the bad news, this will be my last kit (at least for now). The reason for this is down to two things really.
1) I don't have much time nowadays. College and work are too much in the way now, and I've also started driving lessons which is taking up time.

2) My laptop has started to become a pain in the backside with Photoshop and FIFA 07. At this current time I have no money to upgrade, and I want to try and keep this one for as long as possible.

So, I must bid all of you farewell. Sorry for any requests that I couldn't do but I would like to say that there are other great kitmakers who may do them. And maybe I will return one day.

Until such day, farewell...