My kits.


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adek1991;2696734 said:
Werder Bremen (Home, Away, Third, Goalie)

Finally Done it :D Sorry took so long. unfortunatly, couldn't decent shorts or socks pictures. hope it's ok.

Just Out of interest, what d'ya think of my new sig???

Fantastiv Work man


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adek i have a little updates for Bremen Kits. By keeper the names "Werder Bremen" and "so geht bank heute " is black,not green.
And the home Kit,please the socks green

Pic Boy

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Its above where the number of the player is suppose to be. But they look fine already Adek!!!!:33vff3o: Really lookin forward 2 the away


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Hey adek, great Real kit.

Can you please make Palmeiras 09/10 kits???

and if you colud, please can you make the minis in the same template as you made Hull City?? :biggrinx:

Thanks in advance