My kits.


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can you make Shrewsbury kits?
kit supplier:,,10443~3750261,00.jpg
home shirt:,,10443~3318033,00.jpg
away shirt:,,10443~3318039,00.jpg
new logo of the team:

Hobs Crk

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Hey check out these links i found for an indian team,they're not that good,but these are the best pics i can find



the logo on the top left is 'star impact'.i cant find a good logo,just make something rough.thanks a lot again for the help.


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Viva Kerala Home and Away + Minis

Hobs, the Collar Gometry is 5, There is a transparancy which makes it look some what decent. hope its alright.

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Adek, I just wanted to tell you that the AZ kits are not longer needed, I found them on a other site. Still I wanna thank you for taking the request, manny tnx for that.

And I have an other request if its ok. Could you make Twente and PSV away plz???

Twente away (all light blue):
PSV away: (black shirt, red shorts, black socks): (stadium is not necessary)

Thank you very much and good luck!!!(Y)