My Kit Thread


Nice one mat, make some other Dutch kits if you can but Sparta is a great start ;) although the team is in a city I don't like :p
YOUR GOING DOWN THIS SUNDAY (6) Since today I can watch the games live through Versatel :D but of course I will see this one live in Amsterdam hehe


Yeah good team effort Mat congrats, we played poorly and forgot to score from the chances we had.
Sure Kalou and Kuyt but you realise surely that one of them is about to leave, I think Kuyt will be the one to go the Premier League you just watch ;)
Long time ago since we lost against Feye.. but it was about to happen, especially with the way they played.
Just got back from Amsterdam where the atmosphere was downnnnnn, everyone was down but on the other hand it's very early in the season so no harm done yet. Feye.. played a good game I have to admit that :boohoo:


Reserve Team
I know it's very early in the season, but Ajax - Feyenoord is Ajax - Feyenoord :D And, Kuyt promised us that this season will be better then last season. And that Feyenoord (inlcuding Dirk) is going to do everything to let this be true. So Kuyt will finish his season at Feyenoord, and maybe the season after this one to, because his contract ends at 2009 :D