My "****in`" kits for 2005 :


How big is YOUR penis?
I`ll make Willem II right after I made Roda JC and Utrecht Martijn :)

I`m too lazy makin` the Heerenveen away, and somebody made them if I`m not wrong, so here`s Roda JC home, away coming next :



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Finally kits of the Dutch League!!! :D
Very nice kits mate.........and ehm.....can you make FC Twente after the other kits......? :$ :p


How big is YOUR penis?
Just give me a list of the Dutch Eredivisie teams apart from Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord, and I`m gonna try make each one of them :)


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w00t!! :wootman:

Edit: Here is the list......... ;)

ADO Den Haag
RBC Roosendaal
FC Den Bosch
RKC Waalwijk
De Graafschap
FC Twente
FC Groningen
FC Utrecht
SC Heerenveen
NAC Breda
Willem II



How big is YOUR penis?
Please make them with the same template as your SC Heerenveen home kit. That would be great.

As I said to Martijn before, I like to change templates cos` using the same one over and over again is boring.

FC Utrecht :



Thx for the Willem II kit Hans, I live in Tilburg where Willem II is so I wanted that one for a long time ;)
Keep up the great work with Dutch kitmaking :p