My fonts for numbers for FIFA 06!!!


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snoppf1 said:
that explains a lot :ewan:

What for guys? You and Pireloke wrote comments on a post written much time and many pages ago and all to do what? Please avoid flaming in my thread, furthermore in a thread which is going to be closed soon. Enjoy playing and not arguing please! :jambo: :jap: :ewan:


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fiordy;2016158 said:
Here I come back with the new old fashioned Adidas font for national teams. I give you a zip file containg fsh files to be imported in game with Rinaldo's File Master 06. Remember to update the fonts matchings with CC 06, following the instructions written in the txt cointained in the zip file. :jambo:

I didn't test it in game yet, so if someone could be so kind to make and post some screenies I would be glad! :)

Adidas 2006 font white (1), black (2), yellow (7), yellow (10), red (20), green (47), blue (61) and blue (62)

Where is the adidas font in this post? Can't find any of them in this whole forum.:nape: