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Estadio Comanche Bottini - stadium used in the past by Monagas FC, a short period by FC Caracas and the second team of Monagas, now is used for training ground

missing lights and maybe some enviroments

fifa16 2021-02-28 17-46-34.png
fifa16 2021-02-28 17-46-46.png



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i will also post here all the argentinian stadiums that i've extracted from FIFA-ARGENTINA SUPER PATCH for FIFA 14, those from the lower leagues..i will not post photos beacuse there are with pink textures and needs a total conversion into FIFA 16..



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There's also a single greek stadium which I can't find anywhere, AEL FC's homeground called Alkazar Stadium


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here i will post also the argentinian stadiums that i've extracted from Colgado's patch, 2021 version, this time for FIFA 16, also those from the lower divisions and here you can find some which weren't present in FASP 14..stadiums like Antonio Candini - Estudiantes de Rio IV promotion Finalist from Nacional B and the other missing Primera B Nacional Stadiums..i will also not post any images because there are to many stadiums..of cousre all of them needs lights and some fixes:



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now i will move a little up, in CONCACAF region and i will star with:


extracted fom Classic Patch for FIFA 14:

Irapuato FC - Estadio Sergio León

fifa16 2021-02-28 18-36-35.png
fifa16 2021-02-28 18-36-21.png

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Estadio Neza 86 - A world cup was used in the past by Atlante,last season participant in the first mexican used now by a local team called Toros Neza..also working well in to FIFA 16, lights created, cornerflags and goalposts needs to be removed and the logo with WORLD CUP MEXICO from around the stands
fifa16 2021-02-28 18-44-43.png
fifa16 2021-02-28 18-45-27.png
fifa16 2021-02-28 18-44-02.png
fifa16 2021-02-28 18-44-16.png



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i also extracted some stadiums from FIFA-GUATE patch for FIFA 15 from Guatemala..those ones are finished and i will post them also here:


CSD Municipal - Estadio El Trebol:
fifa16 2021-02-28 19-38-50.png
fifa16 2021-02-28 19-39-03.png

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for those who are still attached by history i decided to post this one..extracted from FNL PATCH fro FIFA 14:

FC Baltika - Baltika Stadium - unfortunately i have just the textures..crowds and lights(poor) converted from FIFA 14..some pink textures here and there..i don't know if some stadium maker can do something with it..i also have Central'nyi Volgograd, but since is demolished i don't think is interested someone in it..

fifa16 2021-02-28 20-13-35.png
fifa16 2021-02-28 20-13-21.png
fifa16 2021-02-28 20-14-24.png
fifa16 2021-02-28 20-14-40.png



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Hi mate!

I have some European NT stadiums that still need editing from 14 versions to 16.

Can I post them here or send to you?


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like i said..if you have a stadium that need edited or fixed you can post the link this way is easier for the stadium editors to search for them..cheers